Volume 42 Articles

Volume 42 Number 3 (Summer 2007)

International Academy of Commercial and Consumer Law Changing Law for Changing Times, 13th Biennial Meeting

Jay Lawrence Westbrook
Proportionality: WTO Law: in Comparative Perspective
Mads Andenas and Stefan Zleptnig
The Modernization of European Competition Law: A Story of Unfinished Concepts
Jürgen Basedow
Corporate Gatekeeper Liability in Canada
Stephanie Ben-Ishai
Harmonization and Modernization in UNCITRAL’s Legislative Guide on Insolvency Law
Susan Block-Lieb and Terence Halliday
Property Rights, Collateral, Creditor Rights, and Insolvency in East Asia
Douglas W. Arner, Charles D. Booth, Paul Lejot, Berry F.C. Hsu
Negotiation in Letter of Credit Practice and Law: The Evolution of the Doctrine
James E. Byrne
Theorizing Transnational Commercial Law
Ross Cranston
Developing a New Commercial Court in Ghana
Kofi Date-Bah
Developing Global Transnational Harmonization Procedures for the Twenty-First Century: The Accelerating Pace of Common and Civil Law Convergence
Louis F. Del Duca
Canadian Preference Law Reform
Anthony Duggan and Thomas G.W. Telfer
Recent International Developments in the Law of Negotiable Instruments and Payment Settlement Systems
Benjamin Geva
Secured Lending and Its Poverty Reduction Effect
Boris Kozolchyk
Securitization in Israel
Shalom Lerner
Japan’s Personal Insolvency Law
Junichi Matsushita
The Landmark 2005 Hague Convention on Choice of Court Agreements
Ved P. Nanda
Banking Law Reform and Users-Consumers in Developing Economies: Creating an Accessible and Equitable Consumer Base from the “Excluded”
Joseph J. Norton
Group Insolvencies—Some Thoughts About New Approaches
Christoph G. Paulus
Legal Mercantile Evolution from the Twentieth Century to the Dawning of the Twenty-First Century
Arcelia Quintana-Adriano
The Agricultural Exemption in Antitrust Law: A Comparative Look at the Political Economy of Market Regulation
Arie Reich
Disclosure as a Public Policy Instrument in Global Capital Markets
Janis Sarra
Avoidance of Pre-Bankruptcy Transactions in Multinational Bankruptcy Cases
Jay Lawrence Westbrook
The Disappearing Divide Between Property and Obligation: The Impact of Aligning Legal Analysis and Commercial Expectation
Sarah Worthington

Volume 42 Number 2 (Spring 2007)


Tough Love: The Dramatic Birth and Looming Demise of UNCLOS Property Law (and What Is to Be Done About It)
Peter Prows
Choice of Law for Quantification of Damages: A Judgment of the House of Lords Makes a Bad Rule Worse
Russell J. Weintraub
“Orphans” or Veterans? : Justice for Children Born of War in East Timor
Susan Harris Rimmer


The European Communities Biotech Dispute: How the WTO Fails to Consider Cultural Factors in the Genetically Modified Food Debate
Laylah Zurek

Volume 42 Number 1 (Fall 2006)


Is Secularism Possible in a Majority-Muslim Country? : The Turkish Example
Adrien Katherine Wing and Ozan O. Varol
Conflicts Between United States Immigration Law and the General Agreement on Trade in Services: Most-Favored Nation Obligation
William Thomas Worster
Islamic Finance Opportunities in the Oil and Gas Sector: An Introduction to an Emerging Field
Christopher F. Richardson
Sovereignty Revisited: International Law and Parallel Sovereignty of Indigenous Peoples
Federico Lenzerini


The New Cultural Diversity Convention and its Implications on the WTO International Trade Regime: A Critical Comparative Analysis
Alex Khachaturian
The MOX Plant Case: The Question of “Supplemental Jurisdiction” for International Environmental Claims Under UNCLOS
M. Bruce Volbeda