Volume 49 Articles

Volume 49, Issue 3 (Spring 2014)


Investment Treaty Arbitration and the World Trade Organization: What Role for Systemic Values in the Resolution of International Economic Disputes?
Dan Sarooshi
Measuring the Transplantation of English Commercial Law in a Small Jurisdiction: An Empirical Study of Singapore’s Insurance Judgments Between 1965 and 2012
Christopher Chen
Murky Waters: Ambiguous International Law for Ocean Fertilization and Other Geoengineering
Grant Wilson
Do U.S. Firms Need External Equity Investments to Remain Competitive?
Renee Rayne
Medical Tourism: A Look at How Medical Outsourcing Can Reshape Health Care
Rebecca Bennie
Responding to the Threat of Withdrawal: On the Importance of Emphasizing the Interests of States, Investors, and the Transantional Investment System in Bringing Resolution to Questions Surrounding the Future of Investments with States Denouncing the ICSID Convention
William B. McElhiney, III
The New Face of International Child Abduction: Domestic-Violence Victims and Their Treatment Under the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction
Brian Quillen

Volume 49, Issue 2 (Spring 2014)


Addressing Systemic Risk: Financial Regulatory Design
Rolf H. Weber, Douglas W. Arner, Evan C. Gibson & Simone Baumann
The Interrelationship of Sovereign Debt and Distressed Banks: A European Perspective
Christoph G. Paulus
Mitigating the Problem of Vulture Holdout: International Certification Boards for Sovereign-Debt Restructurings
John A. E. Pottow
The Bankruptcy Code’s Safe Harbors for Settlement Payments and Securities Contracts: When Is Safe Too Safe?
Charles W. Mooney, Jr.
Breaking Up Is Hard to Do: The Interconnection Problem in Financial Markets and Financial Regulation, a European (Banking) Union Perspective
Caroline Bradley
Reconceptualizing Lehman
Stephen J. Lubben & Sarah Pei Woo
SIFIs and States
Jay Lawrence Westbrook
Common Capital: A Thought Experiment in Cross-Border Resolution
Anna Gelpern
Sovereign-Debt Restructuring in Europe Under the New Model Collective Action Clauses
Christian Hofmann

Volume 49, Issue 1 (Spring 2014)


Victim Participation in International Criminal Proceedings: Problems and Potential Solutions in Implementing an Effective and Vital Component of Justice
Harry Hobbs
Follow the Leader?: The Utility of UNCITRAL’s Legislative Guide on Secured Transactions (and It’s Call for Harmonization) for Developing Countries
Sean Stacy


The FCPA’s Legacy: A Case for Imposing Aiding-and-Abetting Liability on Corporations Through an Amended Alien Tort Claims Act
Rachel Ratcliffe
The “Safe” Need Not Apply: The Effects of the Canadian and EU “Safe Country of Origin” Mechanisms on Roma Asylum Claims
Marina Stefanova