Current Issue

 Volume 50 — Issue 4


A New Era for Energy in Mexico? The 2013–14 Energy Reform — Tim R. Samples

Targeted Sanctions: Resolving the International Due Process Dilemma — Jack J. Garvey


Thank You Fidel! Or How the International Law Society and the Texas International Law Journal Were Born — E. Ernest Goldstein

Civil Remedies for Uncivil Wrongs: Combatting Terrorism through Transnational Public Law Litigation — Harold Hongju Koh

Some Trends and Developments in the Practice and Laws of International Commercial Arbitration — W. Laurence Craig

Foreign Economic Assistance and Respect for Civil and Political Rights: Chile—A Case Study — Antonio Cassese


Volume 50 — Issue 3


The Hidden Costs of Strategic Communications for the International Criminal Court — Megan A. Fairlie


Is the Unilateral Jurisdiction Clause No Longer an Option? Examining Courts’ Justifications for Upholding or Invalidating Asymmetrical or Unilateral Jurisdiction Clauses — Lauren D. Miller

The Problem of Auction Houses and Illicit Antiquities: A Call for a Holistic Solution — Kelly Hill


 Volume 50 — Issue 2


Freedom of Movement and Undocumented Migrants — Jaya Ramji-Nogales

Limiting Deterrence: Judicial Resistance to Detention of Asylum-Seekers in Israel and the United States — Michael Kagan

Is Religion Different? Is There a Thumb on the Scale in Refugee Convention Appellate Court Adjudication in the United States? Some Preliminary Thoughts — Michael J. Churgin


Foreign Nationals’ Privacy Interests Under U.S. Foreign Intelligence Law — Brittany May Johnson

Can It Lead from Behind? The European Union’s Struggle to Catch Up in International Investment Policy Making in the Wake of the Lisbon Treaty — Sean McClay