Current Issue

Volume 49, Issue 3


David S. Marcou

Addressing Systemic Risk: Financial Regulatory Design

     Rolf H. Weber, Douglas W. Arner, Evan C. Gibson, Simone Baumann

The Interrelationship of Sovereign Debt and Distressed Banks: A European Perspective

     Christoph G. Paulus

Mitigating the Problem of Vulture Holdout: International Certification Boards for Sovereign-Debt Restructurings

     John A.E. Pottow

The Bankruptcy Code’s Safe Harbors for Settlement Payments and Securities Contracts: When Is Safe Too Safe?

     Charles W. Mooney, Jr.

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do: The Interconnection Problem in Financial Markets and Financial Regulation, A European (Banking) Union Perspective

     Caroline Bradley

Reconceptualizing Lehman

     Stephen J. Lubben, Sarah Pei Woo

SIFIs and States

     Jay Lawrence Westbrook

Common Capital: A Thought Experiment in Cross-Border Resolution

     Anna Gelpern

Sovereign-Debt Restructuring n Europe Under the New Model Collective Action Clause

     Christian Hofmann