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“Center of Main Interests” Finally Becomes the Center of Main Interest in the Case Law
by Judge Leif M. Clark
Medellin: A Textual Analysis
by David Sloss


Bridging the Divide Between Academia and Practice in International Humanitarian Law
by Geoffrey S. Corn


Should CFIUS Reject Sovereign Wealth Fund Transactions Based On Unmet Social Debt Of A Sovereign To Its Citizens?
by Joel Slawotsky
Comments on Kevin Fandl’s Article: Making Trade Liberalization Work for the Poor: Trade Law and the Informal Economy in Colombia
by Juan Pablo Calderón Meza
Response to Standards and Procedures for Classifying “Enemy Combatants”: Judiciary, What Have You Done?
by Elizabeth A. Hardy


None published at this time. Please see the Submissions page on how to submit a note to the Forum.