Spring Symposium Series Vol. 52

Spring Symposium Series Vol. 52

The Texas International Law Journal at the University of Texas School of Law is hosting its Spring Symposium Series discussing the legal and political effects of Brexit in the international sphere, including its effects on human rights and the economy. Brexit has been at the heart of international political discussion, and the uncertainty of its effect on the E.U. and the world continues to spark debate.

That debate continues at the University of Texas School of Law this February.

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Part I of the Series surrounds the impact of Britain’s secession from the E.U. on international human rights and the stability of the E.U. going forward. The Panel will be comprised of Professors Laurin Fielder, David Aronofsky, and Dr. Lorinc Redei. Please RSVP for Part I by February 7 here: https://goo.gl/forms/eY8YQudTlnskGm592

Part II of the Series will focus on the broad political impact of Brexit, ranging from the economic effects on the E.U. to Britain’s role in European and world politics. The Panel will consist of Professors Victor Ferreres, Matthew Gabel, and James Galbraith, and will be moderated by Professor Jens Dammann. Please RSVP for Part II by February 14 here:

Lunch will be served at 11:30 a.m. in the Joe Jamail Pavilion at the University of Texas School of Law. We look forward to seeing you at these panels!