TILJ is the fourth-oldest student-published international law journal in the United States. Currently, it is the ninth most cited international and comparative law journal in federal and state cases, the tenth most cited by law journals.  Past contributors to TILJ include preeminent scholars and practitioners such as Dean Rusk, Robert Reich, Louis Henkin, Charles Alan Wright, and W. Page Keeton.

The Journal strives to advance an understanding of contemporary international legal issues through timely articles and student notes. With your support, TILJ will continue to bring a critical perspective to the questions and dilemmas confronting public and private actors around the globe. Should you have questions or comments regarding your subscription to the Journal, please contact Publications by visiting or calling (512) 232-1149.

TILJ publishes 3 or 4 issues in each volume and offers discounts to TILJ alumni and students who are currently enrolled in any ABA accredited law school.

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