TILJ in Jordan

The Texas International Law Journal’s trip to Amman, Jordan was an exciting, educational, and wonderful experience. TILJ Managing Editor, Austin March, and I spoke at a conference on Reforming Legal Education in the Arab World. Our speech on the role of law reviews in American law schools and American jurisprudence was well-received and prompted much discussion. We hope that we’ve planted the seeds that will allow other international law journals to spring up across the globe. Thank you to the Protection Projection at Johns Hopkins University, the Association of Arab Universities, Dr. Mohamed Mattar, and Ms. Elaine Panter for allowing TILJ opportunity to collaborate with great legal minds across the globe.

Thank you also to airport employees, who were saintly in their patience after a thirteen-hour flight. Thank you to the translators who did not lose our jokes in translation. Thank you to the cab driver and rally-car racer from Oman who gave us the ride of our lives through downtown Amman. Thank you to the staff of the Landmark Hotel, who didn’t even laugh when we mispronounced “shukran.” And thank you to the great legal minds that we met from Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Sudan, the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, the Netherlands, Libya, and Jordan. Most of all, thank you to the staff members of TILJ, who without their dedication to great legal scholarship year-in and year-out, our attendance would not have been possible.

John Bradley, Editor-in-Chief