Launching Volume 52

The Journal editorial board and staff are excited to be back at The University of Texas School of Law for the 2016-2017 academic year. The Journal has begun work on Volume 52, which will continue during the academic year.

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Texas International Law Journal Symposium 2016: “ISIS: Navigating Conflicts with Non-State Actors”

TILJ 2016 Symposium.

Each year, the Journal hosts a symposium on a developing area of international law. In light of the grave legal and human repercussions of the conflict in Syria and Iraq, this year’s symposium, “ISIS: Navigating Conflict with Non-State Actors,” explored the challenges states and international legal practitioners face with the role of the United Nations and Member States in defusing the ISIS conflict, the implications of Islamic law for the conflict, and the application of refugee and human rights law.

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50th Anniversary: Special Issue and Banquet

The Texas International Law Journal celebrated its 50th year in 2015. To commemorate this achievement, the Journal published a special 50th anniversary issue and hosted an anniversary banquet. The special issue bridged the Journal’s storied history with its bright future. The banquet was dedicated to TILJ alumni.

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