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Spring Symposium Series Vol. 52

Spring Symposium Series Vol. 52

The Texas International Law Journal at the University of Texas School of Law is hosting its Spring Symposium Series discussing the legal and political effects of Brexit in the international sphere, including its effects on human rights and the economy. Brexit has been at the heart of international political discussion, and the uncertainty of its effect on the E.U. and the world continues to spark […]

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Luncheon with Dr. Carl Baudenbacher (President of EFTA Court)

Luncheon with Dr. Carl Baudenbacher (President of EFTA Court)

Join us for a luncheon with Dr. Carl Baudenbacher, the President of EFTA Court and Professor of Law at the University of St. Gallen. Dr. Carl Baudenbacher has served as the President of the EFTA Court since 2003, and has since 1987 been a Professor of Law at the University of St. Gallen. From 1993-2002, Dr. Baudenbacher was a Permanent Visiting Professor at the University of […]

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Launching Volume 53

Launching Volume 53

Launching Volume 53 The Volume 53 Editorial Board and staff editors of TILJ are excited to be back at The University of Texas School of Law for the 2017-2018 academic year. The Journal has begun work on Volume 53, which will continue during the academic year. Learn more about the Volume 53 Masthead

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About TILJ

The Texas International Law Journal publishes three times a year by students at the University of Texas School of Law. For over five decades, the Texas International Law Journal has earned acclaim and recognition as one of the top international/specialty journals in the nation by providing its readers access to cutting-edge legal analysis of recent international developments. The Journal publishes articles by scholars, judges, and practitioners; reviews of important recent books; and student-written notes.


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Get to know our wonderful body of staff for Volume 53!

Forthcoming Issue

Volume 52 — Issue 1 Articles Multilateral Investment Treaties in Africa and the Antagonistic Narratives of Bilateralism and Regionalism — Odysseas G. Repousis The Business of Migrant Worker Recruitment: Who Has The Responsibility and Leverage to Protect Rights? — Bassina Farbenblum & Justine Nolan States’ Rights and Refugee Resettlement — Kevin J. Fandl An Empirical Research on Piercing the Corporate Veil and Enforcement of Foreign […]


Submissions are reviewed throughout the year on a rolling basis. Please include a curriculum vitae, cover letter, and abstract. We accept electronic submissions through ExpressO and by e-mail at submissions@tilj.org. Hard-copy submissions should be addressed to:   Submissions Editor Texas International Law Journal The University of Texas School of Law 727 E. Dean Keeton St. Austin, TX 78705   The Journal seeks to provide authors […]

Volume 51 — Issue 3


The Hidden Costs of Strategic Communications for the International Criminal Court — Megan A. Fairlie


Is the Unilateral Jurisdiction Clause No Longer an Option? Examining Courts’ Justifications for Upholding or Invalidating Asymmetrical or Unilateral Jurisdiction Clauses — Lauren D. Miller

The Problem of Auction Houses and Illicit Antiquities: A Call for a Holistic Solution — Kelly Hill

Volume 51 — Issue 2


Freedom of Movement and Undocumented Migrants — Jaya Ramji-Nogales

Limiting Deterrence: Judicial Resistance to Detention of Asylum-Seekers in Israel and the United States — Michael Kagan

Is Religion Different? Is There a Thumb on the Scale in Refugee Convention Appellate Court Adjudication in the United States? Some Preliminary Thoughts — Michael J. Churgin


Foreign Nationals’ Privacy Interests Under U.S. Foreign Intelligence Law — Brittany May Johnson

Can It Lead from Behind? The European Union’s Struggle to Catch Up in International Investment Policy Making in the Wake of the Lisbon Treaty — Sean McClay

Volume 51 — Issue 1


Business Culture in East Asia and Implications for Competition Law — Jingyuan Ma and Mel Marquis

Public Policy in International Investment Law: The Confluence of the Three Unruly Horses — Nartnirun Junngam


Black Gold in the Black Market: Tackling the Issue of International Oil Smuggling Through Technology, Public Policy, and Internal Corporate Controls — Crystal M. Flinn

The Future of Torture in the United States: The Army Field Manual on Interrogation’s Compliance with the Convention Against Torture — Charity King

TILJ remains the premier specialty journal at Texas Law and continues to thrive.  This past year, the Journal published four issues to achieve the journal’s mission of providing the highest quality secondary source material on current international legal developments.  Our 2016 Symposium, “Navigating Conflicts with Non-State Actors,” was a great success.

Help make this year better!   We need your help to plan and pull off yet another Symposium.

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While the student-edited legal periodicals are published under the umbrella of the Texas Law Publications department, no financial support is guaranteed by the University. Managing the financial realities of TILJ poses unique challenges.  Expenses include:

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• Article distribution (making hardcopy and electronic media available; and creating abstracts and archives);
• General marketing (web service and maintenance; online payment management; communications; and solicitations);
• Development (staff recruitment and recognition; socials events; annual award banquet; continuing alumni connections).

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